It’s recommended to use Anaconda and install some packages with it. Refer to miniconda homepage for links to installers for other platforms.

# Install miniconda
sh -b

# Conda-install some packages
~/miniconda3/bin/conda install -c --file requirements.txt pip

You also need NLK data:

~/miniconda3/bin/python -c 'import nltk;"brown")'

The package itself

The package is available on PyPi and can be isntalled with pip:

~/miniconda3/bin/pip install fowler.corpora

It’s also possible to install a development version right from GitHub:

~/miniconda3/bin/pip install

The final step

Run the package to see whether it works.

~/miniconda3/bin/corpora -h
usage: corpora <command> [options]

 help             Show help for a given help topic or a help overview.